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3CX is a leading provider of business communications solutions that was founded in 2005. It offers a complete communications platform that enables businesses to make calls, conduct video conferences, and live chat using SIP and WebRTC technologies. With 3CX, businesses can improve productivity, enhance customer experiences, and save costs.

Setup and Configuration

We'll walk you through every step of the installation procedure, go over the several configuration options you have, and give you a rundown of the system and network requirements.


We quite often receive questions from end-users about issues regarding the apps that are quickly resolved with some simple troubleshooting.

Consultation and 3CX support

Our consulting as a service helps clients to gain a competitive edge, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and achieve their desired goals and outcomes.

What we do 

Features of 3CX

App-free Video Conferencing

  • No hassle video conferencing.

  • Presentation & remote assistance tools.

  • Document sharing, chat & polling.

  • For unlimited users.

Chat with your customers

  • Convert visitors to leads & sales.

  • Elevate chats to calls or video calls.

  • Share with the team & collaborate.

  • Enhance customer experience.

PBX: Reinvented for remote workforce

  • Call, message and meet on-the-go.

  • Same office extension on Android & iOS apps.

  • Web Client accessible from anywhere.

  • Easy to install and manage.

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Countries using 3CX Systems




Users across various industries

A company of the Adaptis Group  |

  • Adaptis
  • Synkron
  • Vendeur Afrique
  • TEC Academy
  • Mutororo Millers
  • Neural Interswitch
  • Kraft Boron
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