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In the cab industry, managing driver recruitment, training, and scheduling poses challenges. High
turnover rates require continuous recruitment efforts, and coordinating shifts can be complex.
Maintaining positive driver-passenger relationships adds another layer of management complexity,
making it crucial for cab companies to address these challenges to ensure a reliable and
customer-friendly service.
Zoho People was able to help PTG Travels in staff management across all regions, manage driver
shifts, leave management, performance management, and learning management.
Zoho Recruit made their recruiting process seamless and fast.
Key Takeaway: The importance of having a Human Resource System that helps with staff


How PTG Travels used Zoho People and Recruit as a Human Resource Management System to
streamline the processes of hiring and personnel management for enhanced efficiency and
effectiveness within the organization.


Previously, they used a multi-platform environment. We used different platforms for different functions. We experienced the following challenges;

  •  Compatibility Issues: Software Incompatibility: Different platforms had varied software requirements and versions, leading to compatibility issues. 

  •  Data Format Inconsistencies: Data formats differed between platforms, making it challenging to share and process information seamlessly.

  •  Workflow Disruptions: Inconsistent workflows emerged when employees switched between platforms, affecting productivity and efficiency. 

  • Cost of Maintenance: Higher Maintenance Costs.

  • Training Expenses: Training employees to use multiple platforms was time-consuming and costly. 

“In transportation conquering high cost and workflow disruptions is a keen to sailing through a sea of challenges”


  • Their employees requested for a platform where they will be able to monitor their needs. 

  • They had a challenge in managing their internal and external contracts. 

  • The HR department needed a platform where they can track each employees performance, leave applications, and attendance in one platform. 

  • The logistics manager had a tough time controlling the drivers shifts which sometimes led to driver burnout. 

  • A system that would integrate and enable transfer candidates to employees 

  • Conducting trainings for the employee was expensive hence needed a system that has ready trainings/courses for the employees.


Zoho People; 

  • Attendance management: through kiosk, the management was able monitor attendance by having the employees’ check-in/check-out from anywhere. 

  • Leave management: through leave tracker, both employees and the HRM will be able to monitor leave balances and approvals. 

  • Shift Management: through Roster Management, the different departmental heads will be able to allocate shifts. 

  • Performance Management: through Appraisals, employees will be able to evaluate their performance through self-appraisals and from their line managers. 

  • Learning management system: through LMS, employees would acquire or enhance their skills. 

  • File Management: through files, employees documents including contracts, disciplinary cases, and academic certificates. Zoho Recruit; 

  • Job Openings: through the different job boards linked on Zoho recruit the HRM would be able to pick candidates best suited for different roles. 

  • Zia bot: helps in getting the best match in accordance to your vacancy requirement. 

  • Ease of hire for the HRM from anywhere through the mobile feature.


The ability of Zoho People and Recruit to sync with different apps like email and calendar and
meeting makes recruiting easier. That we can also conduct interviews directly from Zoho meeting
therefore increasing productivity. Integrating with work drive has helped us store and manage CVs
for easier access and file management. Cliq has been a major and quick communication tool. We
love that the apps can be downloaded on mobile phones that allowing us to respond to issues
“As PTG Travel having Zoho has been a game changer and recruitment hustle free”


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CTA: “Get A PTG Ride, the easy way.
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