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In the the education industry, ERPs are not usually optimized with the client experience in mind.
Also, the learner journey as well as the complexities around managing learning facilities and
respective programs in the education lifecyle.
Zoho One (with a custom EMS app on Zoho Creator) was able to help TEC Academy in staff
management across all regions, manage teacher lesson plans, leave management, performance
management, and learning management.
Zoho Recruit made their recruiting process seamless, transparent and fast.
The importance of having an ERP that acts as a force multiplier in the workplace as well as a
productivity lever giving TEC Academy a competitive edge in the geo in which it operates.


How Mutororo TEC Academy used Zoho One as a ERP to streamline the education process and
parent experience for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness within the organization.


Previously, TEC had a multi-platform environment. They used different platforms for different functions. We experienced the following challenges;-

  •  Compatibility Issues: Software Incompatibility: Different platforms had varied software requirements and versions, leading to compatibility issues.

  •  Data Format Inconsistencies: Data formats differed between platforms, making it challenging to share and process information seamlessly.

  •  Workflow Disruptions: Inconsistent workflows emerged when employees switched between platforms, affecting productivity and efficiency.

  •  Cost of Maintenance: Higher Maintenance Costs.

  •  Training Expenses: Training employees to use multiple platforms was time-consuming and costly. 

“We kept throwing good money after bad in an attempt to stay relevant”


  • Their employees requested for a platform where they will be able to monitor their HR Experience. 

  • They had a challenge in managing their learner platforms. 

  • The HR department needed a platform where they can track each employees performance, leave applications, and attendance in one platform. 

  • The logistics manager had a tough time controlling the drivers shifts which sometimes led to student delays on the school bus. 

  • A system that would integrate and enable clear follow-up on student performance.

  •  Conducting trainings for the employees was expensive hence needed a system that has ready trainings/courses for the employees that could be made available on the Trainer Central platform. 

“The parent experience in education is the key differentiator as it allows the most engaged to interact with the most involved”


Zoho One: 

  • Attendance management: Through the Zoho People kiosk, the management was able monitor attendance by having the employees’ check-in/check-out from anywhere. 

  • Leave management: through leave tracker, both employees and the HRM will be able to monitor leave balances and approvals.  Driver Management: through Roster Management, the different drivers were able to receive information on their routes, shifts and vehicle maintenance schedules. 

  • Performance Management: through the Education Management System (EMS), parents were able to follow up on their children(s) performance through test scores platform and from their subject teachers. 

  • Intracom System: through Cliq, teachers were able to create a cohesive and centralized communication platform for professional purposes and keep track of historical conversations. 

  • File Management: Documentation is critical in education. This comprises documents including contracts, disciplinary cases, and academic certificates. 

Zoho Creator (EMS); 

  • Parent Module: Allows parents to have a portal where they can log in to interface with the student performance and details 

  • Student Module: provides the student with a self-service platform that can engage the student on work items and communication. Academics Module: Allows the addition of grades per student as well as the allocation of subjects and faculties to the relevant student. Contains an announcement module. 

  • Timetable Module: Contains the class and grade timing sets.


The ability of Zoho One to host different apps like email and calendar and meeting makes
teaching easier. That we can also record test evaluations directly to the EMS therefore increasing
productivity. Integrating with workdrive has helped us store and manage learner documents for
easier access and file management. Cliq has been a major and quick communication tool. We
love that the apps can be downloaded on mobile phones that allowing us to respond to issues
“As Mutororo TEC Academy, having Zoho has been a game changer and a leg up in the industry
we operate in”


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