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Previously, the organization had been using too many apps to run their day-to-day business operations. The biggest challenge was too many apps, too many places.. Zoho One came as a solution to solve the issue of having to jump from one application to another making it user friendly.


How KIL used Zoho One, Payroll and POS to streamline business operations.


The key challenges they had with their previous system was:

 Report Generation: They were not able to generate data or have an overview of their performance as a business in terms of turnaround times.

 Collaboration: Their system had no option of connecting within their social media accounts,hence, a communication breakdown leading to complaints and customer dissatisfaction.o Integration of Apps: The ability of the system to be in unison and have the same outputdepending on what their clients needed was an important factor. 

“The biggest challenge was too many apps, too many places.”


 Apps integration: Zoho One proved to be the ideal platform since it will unify all the business activities

 Ticketing: Instant feedback to the agents was an important factor in solving client issueshence their clients were not satisfied. From this, we were able to identify the need for asystem that could offer pop up notification and instant feedback.

 Payroll: Integration of Zoho Payroll with People, hence having smooth operation.

 Inventory Management: They needed a software that would integrate with their books aswell as their warehouses.


Zoho CRM;

 Lead Management: through leads, they would be able to track where their clients came fromand who generated the lead.

 Transparency: through the accounts’ module, they are able to have an overview of all thecontact persons for different accounts.

 Document Management: They have an overview of all their shipping contracts andemployees” documents.


Zoho one being an all-in-one suite was a great implementation for them since they can now collaborate, have an overview of all their inventory, people management and have all the leads, client issues addressed and resolved. KIL have experienced 10% improvement in customer satisfaction and delivery. “Through customization we have been able to add features that we did not think we needed”


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