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Previously, the organization encountered difficulties in generating comprehensive reports andfostering collaboration across social platforms.Harnessing Zoho Desk has been pivotal in facilitating a fluid communication channel,establishing a discernible trail of requests, particularly from major clients such as banks.Key Takeaway:Optimization of Zoho CRM and Desk to be able to maximize service delivery to their clientsand keep track of their contacts.


How IPSL used Zoho CRM and Desk to resolve and generate reports on issues raised andonboarding new clients.


The key challenges they had with their previous system was: Report Generation: They were not able to generate data or have an overview of theirperformance as a business in terms of turnaround times. Collaboration: Their system had no option of connecting within their social media accounts,hence, a communication breakdown leading to complaints and customer dissatisfaction.o Integration of Apps: The ability of the system to be in unison and have the same outputdepending on what their clients needed was an important factor.By not having a system in place, the company made a loss of 20% in the financial year 2021-2022 hence opting for Zoho.“We were unable to have conversation with banks, leaving us with no trail for follow ups.”


They requested for a platform that would be able to do the following:

 Ticketing: Instant feedback to the agents was an important factor in solving client issueshence their clients were not satisfied. From this, we were able to identify the need for asystem that could offer pop up notification and instant feedback. Socials: Their previous system was not able to connect with their social media channelshence, our experts saw the need for a system that can be integrated with their socials. . Accountability: They were not able to tell who had received a ticket and how long it tookthem to resolve the issue and needed allocation of tickets to the respective personnel . FAQs: They wanted a solution that would help solve common questions that would notneed an agent’s at


Zoho Desk: Ticketing; Through tickets, issues would be organized based on time due and priority. The agents, able to resolve them (issues) efficiently and effectively.

Socials: Through IM, all messages from the connected social media accounts are channeled on one dashboard.

Reports and analytics: Built in dashboards, would help them get detailed reports to track andimprove their services, whilst, tracking their team’s performance.The company has been able to increase its profitability by 10% since the implementation of Zoho by solving customer problems.

Zoho CRM;Lead Management: through leads, they would be able to track where their clients came fromand who generated the lead . Transparency: through the accounts’ module, they are able to have an overview of all thecontact persons for different accounts. Document Management: clients needed to fill and provide documents during the onboardingprocess through the documents module, internal staff can retrieve the documents with ease.


The ability of Zoho CRM and Desk to be accessible from anywhere whether remote or onsite,makes it a convenient choice to IPSL.“Zoho has simplified my work especially the ease of collecting documents from clients, it is a onestop shop


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