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All About Us

Where It Started

Mediacent Interactive was founded in 2020  started Mediacent with 1 goal in mind; combine their previously gained skills and knowledge of online advertising and analytics and become the leader in AdTech and MarTech platform development.

Our Story

We are not a generic software development company — our teams are passionate about designing and building software for today’s challenging advertising and marketing industries. We embrace open-source software and love utilizing the latest technologies. Our full-service development teams consist of all the required resources needed to plan, build, and maintain high-performance advertising and marketing technology, from UX/UI design, to frontend and backend development, through to infrastructure management.

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We Go By Numbers:


We spend over 15,000 hours each month designing and building AdTech & MarTech platforms for our clients


We’ve developed over 100 successful projects for clients of all sizes


Our company’s YOY revenue has increased 40% on average 

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